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Welcome to T-REX

T-REX is founded by a group of game art veterans. We provide a wide range of services in game industry covering the whole pipeline in the digital entertainment market from concept art to illustration, from flash to 3D animation, from modeling to rendering, and from effects to UI/UE.

With offices located in US, Japan and China, we are trying to integrate the creative talents globally and provide a prominent solution with transparency, efficiency and reliability.

Wherever you are, the direct communication from our local team will make it feel like we are ready to help at next-door.

No matter what your demand is, we will offer one-stop services for you. Your satisfaction is our first priority at all times.

T-REX, always your best solution.

Our Offices

San Francisco

Our headquarters is located in the heart of Silicon Valley and serves the leading game developers of the world.

Los Angeles

As the newest team, our office  in LA is proud to support the top console and movie projects in Holly-wood.


Our Tokyo office is the bridge between Japan and the world, help to extend the developers’ success in a new market.


Efficiency, quality and transparency

- this is the goal and mission of our fast-growing Shanghai production team.

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